5 WooCommerce Plugins That Are a Must

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If you are using or are thinking about utilizing WooCommerce as an ecommerce solution then this post is for you.

I have used WooCommerce quite heavily for many development stores and research over the past 10 years (jeez…it’s been 10 years) and I have found that not all plugins are created equal.

Some plugins can cause fatal errors with the theme you are using. Others can bog down your site and make it load super slow which is not good for SEO purposes.

There are certain features that you got to have in order to compete with other online stores and companies such as points and rewards, gift cards, free shipping and more.

First and foremost, what your store needs is to function properly. If the store don’t work then adding bells and whistles is just going to make it a loud train wreck–a pretty one though.

Out of the gate, WooCommerce has the tools to create free shipping based on order amount and coupons which is a great start!

Top 5 WooCommerce Plugins To Use

What if you wanted to add gift cards into the mix?

Yith has a great plugin for that. As you’ll see in this post, Yith has a great amount of useful plugins.

Yith Gift Cards

Yith Gift Cards is a great plugin to add the ability of your customers purchasing gift cards to use or to gift others to use on your online store. It’s super easy to set up and you can get your first gift card in your store in seconds.

If you have higher ticket priced items there are other ways to finance or break up the price into installments and that’s using WooCommerce Klarna.


Klarna allows your customers to break up payments into 3 or 4 manageable installments so they can enjoy your product or service. They can also choose to “slice it” up and make monthly payments or they can directly pay the amount.

It’s globally complaint. Klarna absorbs all credit and fraud risk. It’s also free to download.

If your store offers many items, you can let users mix and match products to make their own bundle.

Mix and Match Products Plugin by Extendons

This all-in-one WooCommerce Mix and Match plugin allows your customers to create a custom bundle by picking their items.

With customization options you can create different pricing tiers and allow customers to attach a personal message with a gift box. This attracts customers by saving their money when shopping with you.

Yith SMS Notifications

With today’s mobile-first approach to all things web and commerce, SMS notifications is a great way to update your shoppers on the status of their order.

Yith comes in again and awes us with their fantastic plugin, Yith WooCommerce SMS Notifications.

Yith Share For Discounts

No matter if you are selling a service or a product, letting your shoppers and clients share for discounts is a great way for them to have savings but to also promote your company on their preferred social media platform. It’s a win-win!

Those are the 5 must have plugins for your WooCommerce store. If you have these plugins, you are set up for a powerful online store.

Let us know if there are any plugins that you think are awesome in the comments below or email us! We’ll be happy to give them a look and a review and maybe they will end up on a future blog post.

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