About the O&O.

Drew Marshall

Owner and Operator

Learning to become the best tech consultant.

Trends in technology and the web are constantly changing. To adapt to those rapid changes, we are constantly learning and aquiring new skills that apply to our core values: Providing the best services for clients, no matter the size or market.

  • AWS Cloud Architect

    Cloud Computing is a necessity with web applications and enterprise structure

  • CompTIA A+ Certified

    To provide Class A Desktop IT support for resedential or enterprise clients

  • CompTIA Network+ Certified

    To provide excellent network troubleshooting and resendtial or business design

  • CompTIA Security+ Certified

    This is where the text for your Feature List Item should go. It's best to keep it short and sweet.

  • Front End Web Design

    Designing modern and responsive web design to fit any device for anyone.

  • Web Developer

    To create and expand functionality to new and current projects for personal or business use

  • App Developer

    Creating applications for various platforms such as for mobile, desktop and web environments.

  • eCommerce Specialist

    To develop a customer shopping experience for small and medium sized businesses

Don’t just take our word for it…

Drew has outdone himself on quality and customer service. He listened to all of my thoughts, concerns, questions, and executed in a timely and efficient manner. Drew has added value to my business and brought my vision to life while continuing to perfect it along the way. Thank you!!

Karen B.

To put it simply, Drew Winkles is an outstanding web designer. His expertise in using WordPress will leave your website with a professional and modern look that flows logically and is easy to use. More importantly, you will find his work ethic and communication skill a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Drew for all your web design needs.

Todd P.

Our core values.

We Love To Learn

Marshall Labs believes that a passion for a job can outweigh traditional job requirements. We are constantly learning new trending languages and trends to acquire new skills that are applicable to, not only this company but, any market.

We Pursue Excellence

We don't believe in just meeting requirements--we like to go higher. With each client, we aim to produce a service that tailors to your needs and meets your deadlines. We like to say, "We don't just design websites, we design solutions."

We Practice Honesty

With any of our services or consultations, we will not sell you on anything that you or your company does not need. We are 100% upfront on costs and processes before we start any project. We are here to help small businesses grow. We are not here to make an dishonest dollar.

We Love to Create

Creativity is a driving force within Marshall Labs. We use it in our design, our marketing and our development. We believe in fostering a community of creative people creating solutions...creatively.

About our pillars.


01 We aim to provide the best service and consultation possible for each client that we take on. We aim to over deliver and on time.

02 Communication is important. Not just in correspondence but in expectations for each facet of your project. We aim for accuracy and excellency.

03 Meeting your deadlines are important to us. Sometimes expectations and reality don't line up and we communicate if and when certain things take longer than expected.

04 We make sure to educate new clients on our practices and processes for each project or service that we provide. We believe in being transparent with what we do to provide the best service for our clients.


01 Adapting to new circumstances are crucial in our line of work. With our knowledge and experience, we can deliver a solution or a fix quickly and efficiently.

02 Learning new trends is another crucial skill to have to our industry. New marketing strategies arise, Google will change its algorithm, Facebook will update their ad platform and the list go on. We adapt to these changes and make sure our clients are up to date.

03 Adapting to new technologies is the way of the future. We are educated and certified in various web and IT industries including Cloud Architecture and Security.

04 We know and operate on many platforms. If you are changing eCommerce solutions, we can migrate your services seamlessly.


01 We do not recommend a service or product that can't be measured or tracked. We believe that gaining insights and metrics on each project is crucial to understanding what we need to do.

02 We use heat maps to see how a user reacts and uses your website. Heat maps are a way of showing where the "hot spots" of your website and the areas that need attention.

03 We use Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel to see what, who and how users are using your site and then tailor your site to deliver your services and/or products.

04 We also measure and track your Content and SEO marketing campaigns. Metrics include position in SERPs, content ideas, content competitors, SEO backlinks and more.