ReThinking Web Design

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I know this may be counter productive to my business model but I am going to let you in on a little secret: You don’t need a custom web designer to design your site. It’s true. Most businesses don’t need a custom website built for them in order to start and build their web presence.

With site builders like Wix, Weebly or Squarespace you can build professional looking websites on your phone. So why do you need a web designer to charge you a decent fee in order to create you an aesthetically pleasing design?

Short answer is you don’t.

Longer answer is you don’t but you do need someone to architect a perfect solution to fit your needs. Think about it.

I assume that you just don’t need a great looking website–you need a functional one. A site with contact forms, opt-ins for emails, an ecommerce solution and maybe even some forums or a social networking feature. This is more than just web design.

Some of these website builders can only get you so far.

We approach web design different at Marshall Labs. We think about the processes and applications that your site will utilize and design a functioning system. Designing the system that makes the website go.

You don’t need to break the bank in order to get your perfect website and application. It’s 2020, not everything needs to be a custom build.

Places to Find Professional Web Themes


Themeforest is by far one of the most popular sites for professional web themes and templates for a number of CMS platforms like WordPress, Shopify and Drupal. Envato, the parent company, has a huge ecosystem of marketplaces that cater to all design and development needs.

Creative Market

Creative Market is another popular marketplace for web themes and templates. They also offer graphic templates for any graphic design needs you may have.


CyberChimps create professional, stunning WordPress website themes that are easily customizable. They are designed responsive and are featured on top WordPress blogs.

You can spend less than $80 on a professional looking website no matter the platform. So the question is, do you need just web design or do you need something more?

Need To Add Functionality?


If you need to add functionality, like email opt-ins or social networking, CodeCanyon is a great marketplace for that. It is also under the Envato umbrella of marketplaces.

Shopify App Store

This only applies to those with a Shopify store but there are tons of apps in this store that can help with logistics, fulfillment, marketing and more. Most apps come with a free tier or a free trial to test out the apps in your store.


Yithemes are WordPress theme and developers for the WooCommerce ecommerce solution. They have developed many a plugin for WooCommerce that can take your store to a new level.

Did we just give away our business?

I don’t think so. We love to give our readers and clients the tools and information necessary for them to thrive. We don’t guard our know-how. We share it.

We are here to be what you need us to be. We consult, design, develop and share our expertise with you and our clients.

Starting a new project? Let us know how we can help you build the site that molds to your visision 🙂